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Can you manage payments to employees?
Yes. As an authorised bureau with Ireland’s main banks we can execute wage payments from your company bank account direct to individual employee bank accounts. This batch of payments can be authorised by your company if required.
Will you send payslips to employees?
Yes. Clear Group will provide individual payslips to each of your employees each time the payroll is run. Hence, weekly employees will receive a payslip once a week. Monthly employees, once per month and so forth.
Can you manage tax payments to the Revenue Commissioners?
Yes, (in line with PAYE modernisation effective from 1st Jan 2019), Clear Group authorise payroll tax payments to Revenue Commissioners on your behalf. We will notify you of the payment amount for the period. Direct debit payments are subsequently collected by the Revenue Commissioners directly from your company bank account on the 23rd of the particular month.
Can you manage additional Payments & Deductions to Payroll such as Pension, Health Insurance, Benefit in Kind, Bonus Payments, Union fees, staff advances?
Clear Group will manage and operate any and all additions and deductions to your company payroll, and the associated tax calculations for employees. Such as health insurance, pension, car allowances. We can report all additions and deductions to your finance team or to 3rd party providers.