Payroll Outsourcing for the Hospitality Sector in Ireland

Jan 20, 2021 | Blog

Clear Group, based in Co. Dublin excel in delivering payroll solutions to small and medium sized organisations in the hospitality sector in Ireland. We are highly experienced working with businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, events and conference organisers and travel agents.

We offer an effective, fully managed payroll solution, whether you employ 1 or 150 employees. By working with Clear Group you can reduce your payroll processing costs and administrative burden leaving you more time to work on your business. We will also ensure that you remain legally complaint with ever changing legislation. Our payroll solution is simple, very effective and you maintain complete control.

Payroll admin & management is possibly one of the largest administrative burdens on hospitality businesses and organisations. As with any business, having the correct paperwork and processes in place is crucial. Running payroll for businesses in the hospitality sector can be especially complex. The mix of salaried and hourly paid staff combined with irregular hours and additional payments such as tips could make even the most experienced owner / manager’s head spin. Having  a professional outsource payroll provider in place is therefore key. Hospitality businesses and organisations can avoid potential payroll problems and easily follow best practice policies to ensure their payroll function runs smoothly by engaging in our payroll outsourcing solutions.

In the hospitality industry, it is common for organisations to employ a wide range of staff. Whether they require long-term permanent workers or casual event staff, a hospitality company may have a significant range of employee classifications to keep track of. Ensuring all staff are accurately classified will ensure payroll reporting is correct, particularly in regards to the tax, superannuation and wage levels you are required to pay each individual.

Ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing can be a time-consuming function. Given the time and expertise required, many smaller independent businesses find that outsourcing payroll to an independent company such as Clear Group can offer many advantages to their business and employees. In addition to processing your payroll, as experienced professionals, we are also responsible for keeping you updated about all new legislation, insuring your company is compliant with legislative changes, and providing answers to any payroll-related questions from employees.

At Clear Group, we know that hospitality businesses have special needs when it comes to payroll and we have the ability to handle complete payroll services for your hospitality organisation.

We are an Irish based payroll outsource company small enough to understand your specialised needs but large enough to provide a complete range of payroll service for businesses in the hospitality sector of virtually any size.