Payroll Outsourcing for Small & Medium sized businesses in Ireland

Jan 26, 2021 | Blog

Clear Group based in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin specialises in payroll outsourcing for small and medium sized businesses in Ireland.

Payroll responsibility for small and medium sized businesses can be overwhelming. It is crucial that tax requirements are considered as the fines for failing to meet them are usually hefty.

Doing the payroll can be frustrating for many small or medium sized business owners because it can take lots of work to complete and has many moving parts. There are also many ways to make errors, and tax requirements can be a minefield. Confidentiality is vital – data needs to be kept safe and secure. It’s a fact that preparing payroll is one of the more complex aspects of small or medium business accounting.

Payroll outsourcing is not just for large enterprises, small and medium sized businesses can often benefit most from outsourcing their payroll. In order to run an efficient payroll system you will require specialist software, expertise and the resources of time and personnel. This can be costly for SMEs who would benefit better by channelling their resources into more productive activities.

Clear Group offers a payroll outsourcing services specifically for small and medium sized businesses with typically 1 – 50 employees. We provide a comprehensive payroll service fully tailored to meet small to medium sized business needs.

We provide a cost effective pricing structure allowing you to focus on business growth. We can manage all your ROS obligations and deal with the tax authorities.

Small or medium sized businesses that work with Clear Group are usually interested in reducing & controlling their operational costs. They want to be fully compliant with regulatory and legislative requirements. We meet their expectations by ensuring employee and employer data is confidential, and most importantly, we provide tax and employment law compliance in local and international payroll with our in house expertise and experience.

When running a small or medium sized business, choosing the right payroll provider is key. Clear Group are focused and committed to assisting you at all times and offer dedicated support for all your payroll matters.

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