Payroll Outsourcing for Owner/Manager Businesses in Ireland

Feb 6, 2021 | Blog

Do you, as a business owner / manager, ever just wish that you could do what you are good at in your business and have someone else look after the financial areas which take so much of your time and attention?

At Clear Group, based in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, we have been providing a payroll outsourcing service to clients for many years. Our dedicated payroll team of professionals provide many varying business owners with valuable support by managing, on their behalf, the payroll and financial tasks of their organisation.

Many business owners are acutely aware of the pressure certain tasks put on their already valuable time and therefore choose the option of outsourcing their payroll functions to our team of qualified payroll advisers. By engaging the services of our professional payroll outsourcing team, not only is the business owner ensuring that their organisation benefits from the broad experience of our team, but it also allows them to focus their energy and full attention on growing and developing the business itself.

We work with owner-manager businesses, entrepreneurs, sole traders, partnerships and family businesses operating both domestically and internationally, across a wide range of sectors. We are acutely aware of the issues and challenges that owner-managed businesses and SMEs regularly come up against. Our services are focused on delivering clear benefits using a combination of our many years of experience and expertise.

Our advice is clear and concise and we take the time to understand each client’s unique set of circumstances. We know that confidentiality and privacy are paramount and we are sensitive to the ways in which business ownership, management, personal objectives and family relationships often overlap.

We provide payroll outsource services to a range of company types such as

  • Owner/manager businesses with high staff and transaction levels (e.g. supermarkets, bars, restaurants)
  • Recruitment companies who deal in temporary placements and large amounts of staff
  • Companies that deal in outsourcing of staff (outbound or inbound)
  • Franchisees that have a number of locations
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Companies that use larger numbers of temporary staff on a regular basis (e.g. events, festivals, etc)
  • Businesses that have high fixed costs of operations and need to streamline their administrative costs
  • Businesses in high growth stages of their cycle where staffing costs are escalating
  • Companies that have high focus on a small number of core activities and don’t want to redeploy staff from their goals.

Speak to one of our experienced payroll professionals today to find out how Clear Group can assist you and your business.

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