Payroll Outsourcing for Multinational Companies Ireland

Dec 28, 2020 | Blog

Payroll is a critical element to your company’s success. Operating in more than one region, be it Europe, Asia or the US requires you and your organisation to have access to specialised and local payroll expertise.

Clear Group, located in Dublin, Ireland, understand the specific requirements that operating a multinational payroll in Ireland demands, and we offer a payroll service that can fit seamlessly in with your company’s needs.

Our multinational payroll outsourcing service allows you to pick and choose the level of managed offering you require. From payslip and employee payments, to tax calculation and employee query handling, Clear Group can provide a payroll outsourcing service that’s low cost and streamlined, or a fully managed service that functions as a complex payroll department. From our Dublin base, we handle all payroll requirements for multinational companies operating in Ireland.

Our MULTINATIONAL payroll services includes:

  • Setup and Registration in Ireland
  • Payslip calculation, distribution and Payments to Staff
  • Payroll Additions such as Healthcare, Pension, Travel & Commission payments.
  • Ensuring ongoing compliance with the tax authorities’ requirements
  • A link to your accounting function for reporting, and data transfer
  • A dedicated point of contact for all your payroll requirements
  • Local tax, legislative, and compliance expertise

Our team are on hand to offer constant assistance with all payroll related queries.

We can ensure that you have your finger on the pulse, by providing departmental and cost centre reporting. These insights into your payroll can help you to make informed decisions about your operations in Ireland, without being involved in the day to day logistics of payroll.

We are knowledgeable on all aspects of payroll legislation in Ireland and will keep you updated with changes in legislation and in the budget. We can advise you on savings and benefits with tax incentive schemes and the various possible employment schemes.

The outsourcing team at Clear Group provides a cost-effective, fast solution that’s suited to your requirements. Contact us today