Your payroll managed in 6 easy steps

Operating your payroll is simple, just look after steps 1 and 3 and Clear Group will take care of everything else, including payments to staff.


Step 1

You send us timesheets

Step 2

We process nett pay for each employee
paye/ prsi/ income levy/ deductions/ e.g. medical/ pension/ bik

Step 3 You review and approve the pay run

Step 4

We produce payslips, management reports and an emts bank payment file

Step 5

Payslips are sent to all staff

Step 6

A payment file is uploaded to your bank
Schedules payment tp individual staff bank accounts from the nominated company account















PLUS - Tax Filing & Registrations are all included.

New employees
Employees leaving
Monthly P30

It’s seamless, we prepare and file your P35; P60’s and income levy certificates are issued to all staff each new year


Enjoy Exceptional service.      Clarity in your business finances. Best price.