Frequently Asked Questions


We only have a few employees. What is the minimum for outsourcing payroll?
Clear Group operate payroll for companies of all sizes. From 1 to 500 employees

How much does it cost?

Bookkeeping fees are based on the number of transactions within your
business e.g. the number of incoming invoices you receive from suppliers or the amount of lodgements you make to the bank. As you can imagine, transaction numbers vary from business to business. Please call in and we'll be happy to provide you with a fair quotation.

Payroll fees:  Payroll fees are based on the number of employees, and on how often you pay your staff (weekly/ fortnightly or monthly). To this end it's generally a good idea to pay staff monthly as this means there's less processing involved and the cost is reduced.

End of Year Tax Return fees: This is generally a once off fee, sole trader returns start at €500, partnerships at €1000 and limited companies from €1,500. 

For a quotation call 01 968 0663

I have been using the same company to operate my bookkeeping / payroll for many years? Should I move now?

Are you receiving a fair price?    Are you receiving an excellent level of service and support?    Do you feel your provider wants you and your business to succeed?
These are useful questions to ask your-self.
If you move to Clear Group, you’ll enjoy really helpful service, advice and support. In addition the annual cost of your bookkeeping / payroll/ tax returns will generally reduce by 20% to 50%.

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When should a company consider payroll or bookkeeping outsourcing? 

Probably the main reason companies outsource is to save money. In some companies the payroll or bookkeeping function is run within the business, but takes up too much time, and outsourcing eases workload and attaches expertise to the business.If payroll or bookkeeping prevent a member of staff from focusing on important tasks that contribute to increased sales and business growth, outsourcing can be an extremely valuable asset to the business.

Will I still be in control?

Of course. As the business owner or company representative, you make all decisions regarding payroll, bookkeeping or tax filing.

What types of businesses do you work with?

Clear Group provide bookkeeping, payroll and tax return services to all types of businesses.